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Originally posted by mason
Thanks suexec; sounds good.

i've had my cheapo nForce2 motherboard (the MSI no frills one, K7N2) for a couple days now and i've been trying to figure out if i should put it in or return it.

Well it's a pretty red colour.

-- i thot the Epox one would be cheaper but here in Montreal it's very expensive.

Also looked up the CPU compatibility list for this KT266 motherboard i'd change out if i actually go ahead with it, and it's compatible up to the Palomino CPU. Says it's not compatible with T'bred and up.

...two things on this, just my opinion:

1) if you're going to get an nForce2 board, get one with the Sound Storm sound build in. The Asus A7N8X isn't the cheapest board on the block, but it has the onboard Sound Storm, 2 NIC's (one nVidia and one 3com), and includes S-ATA which currently is not very useful but might be nice to have as these drives become more common.

2) if you're going to opt for the VIA chipset, get at least a KT333 if not a KT400. The KT400 will support all of the T-bred and Barton chips.

I also have the Xserver running in 2D mode just fine with the A7N8X and a 9700 Pro, so this is certainly doable, but no 3D until nVidia does something about the AGP/GART situation.

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