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Originally posted by Andy Mecham
I'm curious if the delay in starting that you're experiencing is related to your USB mouse - the string of messages at the end aren't printed out by the NVIDIA driver. I don't know if that could cause a long delay in startup, but it's worth disabling to see if it has any effect. Other than those messages, I don't see anything that would indicate an immediate problem.

If the USB thing is a red herring, then my next suggestion would be to visit your card vendor's website to see if there's a vbios update available for your card.

Thanks Andy, but my USB mouse doesn't cause this delay. I tried starting X with USB mouse disabled in config - no luck.

I remembered one thing - with default Slackware 9.0 kernel everything worked fine, X was starting without delays, etc. But this kernel is optimized only for 486. So a made a custom kernel with Athlon optimizations. After this I began to experience these annoying delays. But seriously I don't think, that Athlon optimized kernel could cause delays. My guess is that there are issues with AMD processors or VIA chipsets in these new Nvidia drivers. On the other hand, a lot of people say that detection of a monitor causes this delay, but this delay also appears while switching back from a console to X. As far as I understand, this not the case of detection, because monitor is already detected during startup, so there is no need to probe for it everytime you switch back from a console.

Andy, I think you already know, that this is a serious problem. I mean, there are hundreds of posts in this forum about the same problem. WHAT can be a cause of it? Nobody knows
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