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Question 4349 hanging splash screen

I've successfully installed and started the 4349 driver under RH9 (2.4.20-9). But there's a strange thing.

When starting X with the nVIDIA driver the splash-screen comes up after a few seconds and stays there. X seems to be looping or hanging. However, the following works fine:

I edit the XF86Config to use the nv-driver, does a startx and then stop X when it shows up. Then I edit the XF86Config again, replace "nv" with "nvidia" and does a new startx. This time the nVIDIA splash-screen goes away after a split second and everything works fine. This behaviour is consistent, it happens every time I reboot. I have no idea what's happening, but a guess would be that some modules are not loaded correctly.

My setup: A Dell Optiplex GX260 with a GeForce3 Ti200 AGP card connected to a Dell 1702FP and a GeForce2 MX PCI card with a Dell P1130. The XF86Config is attached.
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