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Default Bad GLX perfomance


I have the exact same problem - its a tnt with duron on k7s5a. Here is my experience - everything works smoothly in redhat 8.0 and other distributions using 2.4.18. On the newer ones - on redhat 9 using the latest drivers, glx hogs up all the cpu and gives a terrible perfomance(please watch top when ttrying glxgears). In mandrake 9.1 - which uses 2.4.21,( I thought
probably the problem was with the high level of backports that redhat has done with 9, so I tried that ) the result is the same- hogging of cpu in glx applications. But amazingly slackware 9.0 which uses 2.4.20 works smoothly - no glx troubles with 4191 or the newer drivers. Please help.

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