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Cool Need some comparisons for GF4 ti4400 (300/702)

I'm trying to decide if I should go a bit bonkers modding this card out or not. I got it rock-stable at 300/702 by removing the heatsink/planing/re-attaching it with good thermal goop and disconnecting the heatsinks fan from the video card and splicing it to a 4-prong pass-thru. (That's what cleared up the memory artifacting for me past 675Mhz )

So I'm scoring 9765 onions in 3dm2k1se right now on Bubbles with it (see sig for specs) and I can't decide if I should invest in some better cooling for the GF4 or not....I can't decide if it will really help all that much.

Ok, so I sort of have me heart set on cracking 10K with this set-up any way I can just 'cause I want's been a goal for a long time. I'm damned close, but am thinking maybe I should just stop while I'm ahead and keep it the way it is. I got the card for $100us and have pretty much just invested some elbow-grease and time in it...if I buy additional cooling that'll jack up me price.

Any opinions? Do you think it's got a shot at cracking 10K or is it foolish to even worry about it?
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