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I remembered one thing - with default Slackware 9.0 kernel everything worked fine, X was starting without delays, etc. But this kernel is optimized only for 486. So a made a custom kernel with Athlon optimizations. After this I began to experience these annoying delays. But seriously I don't think, that Athlon optimized kernel could cause delays.
No, it's certainly possible. What exactly did you enable? Can you attach your .config so I can try it here?
Andy, I think you already know, that this is a serious problem. I mean, there are hundreds of posts in this forum about the same problem. WHAT can be a cause of it? Nobody knows
Most of these "hundreds of posts" (actually much less than that ) were caused by bad vbioses - this problem has been worked around, and people should contact their card vendor for vbios udates.
The problem is that I don't know the vendor of my card. How can I determine that? And where can I find more info about upgrading Geforce vbios?
If you bought the card at retail, it should say somewhere on the card itself. If you bought the card as part of a complete system, you'll need to contact the company you bought the system from for that information. However, I now doubt that your problem is related to your vbios.

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