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Default Re: Realtime CPU benchmark for BFME2 owners

Ok heres the save game .. notice that it was taken with patch 1.05 (dunno if its going to be compatible with the new 1.06 patch) :

instrcutions on how to bench :
1) Preferable settings : 1280x1024,4xAA,16xAF, Ultra high IQ. (thats why a High-end GPU is recommended to make most accurate scores)
2) load the saved game from skirmish
3) when game is loaded DONT move the mouse cursor to/or leave the scene !! just press "Q" (defualt key to seclect all battalions) & then right click on the ground so the whole selected army will come over to the scene.
4) Now watch your framerate with FRAPS after the right click & write down your most minimum framerate!
thats it! .. sorry its a little tricky , but you have to do it this way to get accurate results.

now if your most minimum framerate is in :
- [5-9fps] i.e. single digits then you are in avarage speed
- [10-15fps] then you are in good speed
- [16-20fps] = high speed
- [21+fps] .. you are a GOD , you shouldnt be here talking to us!!

& finally i'll stress again : the bench has nothing to do with your GPU if its a high-end .. its all about CPU computation power. you can try the benchmark @800x600 & up to 2048x1536 , you will get the same min framerate.

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