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Default nVidia GF7600GS temperature sensor via iC?


currently I am wondering if there is any way to monitor the temperature of my nVidia GeForce 7600GS via the iC interface of the kernel, like CPU temperature. Mostly all modern mainboards feature a temperature sensor chip connected to the iC (or nowdays SM) bus of the I asked myself if the hardware monitoring of the GeForce cards works via iC as well an if there is a driver module for those chips.

Or does the temperature monitoring of the nVidia cards work different than the temperature monitoring of mainboards?

I am not really satisfied with the nvidia-settings tool to read the temperature, because I'd like to integrate that temperature in my conky display and conky supports the kernel iC interface (/sys/bus/i2c/...) quite well...

So if there is any possibility to do that please let me know!

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