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Default Re: Realtime CPU benchmark for BFME2 owners

Originally Posted by Stoneyguy
10 fps

and it just barely flashed 10 twice.

On a side note: I'm new to the fraps program. I set it to record the min/max/average but I can't find it anywhere. The readme says it's in a benchmark subdir but I can't even find that subdir. Do I need the full paid version or am I missing something?
Well 10fps is not bad .. just to show how BFME2 can be a CPU killer!!

BTW : you said
I'm running:
6400 @2.44
1 gig of DDR 333 Hyper X at 2 CL
Is that a Core 2 Duo 6400 ?? how come you are using DDR333 with it ?? .. maybe you listed something wrong here ?

as for FRAPS you should find the results in the main dir (ex. C:\Fraps) under tha name FRAPSLOG.TXT

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