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Exclamation 1.0-9625 GLSL rendering bug

I've begun testing the latest 1.0-9625 beta Linux driver release (as have various users of our molecular graphics software). The good news first: the new version has fixed long standing problems I previously reported with the GLSL compilers emitting internal compiler errors and failing. I was happy to see this, and this is an important step forward from the way things have been for a number of months with the older driver series. With the new drivers, a number of correctly-written GLSL shaders that previously failed to compile now compile without errors or warnings. The new drivers do have a problem however, in that one of the GLSL shaders used by VMD (the sphere shader) fails to execute correctly, resulting in spheres not being displayed at runtime. I've attached the sphere shader and the nvidia-bug-report.log file for your perusal. I have previously posted complete test scripts along with sample output images and instructions here, and these existing scripts illustrate the problem clearly (all of the atom spheres disappear when the rendering mode is changed from 'Normal' to 'GLSL'...)

Let me know if I can be of assistance in debugging this problem.

John Stone
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