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The nv30 will be extremely fast. But it seems to me that it will be a wiser choice to wait for the nv30
The problem with this logic is that there will always be something faster right around the corner. So in theory you should never buy anything as if you wait just a bit longer you will get something better... but we all know we have to suck it up and get something sometime.

I really dont think someone with a geforce4 ti should be in a hurry to get a radeon 9700 though, unless you unnesesarily want to play a ut2k3 at 1600 and at 4x aa ect ect and all at 100 fps +.
This is true for the NV30 as well.

You do realize that all of the special features (DX9, ect) will most likely barly be used. GF3 has been out for a long time. How many fully DX8 games are there out now? Yea you can cont them on one hand. Same thing will happen with the NV30. It will take a long time for DX9 games to show up.. So the only reason to buy one is to take advantage of running the games you own today with more IQ settings cranked (AF, AA)
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