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Default Re: Please post your 7950 overclocks here...

Hmm I can't get my card above 550/700 or so before I start getting crazy artifacts in both counterstrike and oblivion (haven't put any other games on my new system yet)... crazy as in whole screen going yellow/blue wavy boxy things, or just some crazy flickering of textures over a smaller area

the card is staying very cool, its idleing at about 47-49 (18 C... idles at 56-58 at 25 farenheit), under load got it up to 76 (with the 550/700)... artifacts started coming while it was still below 70 for speeds above this (tried 550/750, 600/750, 600/800, 625/800)...

Anybody have any ideas? I have never needed to use a voltage mod before, but I'm guessing its not getting enough juice to sustain the higher speeds... I tried checking the voltage its getting with RivaTuner, but VID gives back 0 in the monitor (and the monitor always stays at 499 MHz core, 747 MHz memory clock, no matter what I change it to. Only once did the core clock change to 553 MHz in the monitor, but couldn't reproduce)...

I haven't tried upping my MBs NB voltage... will try that now and see if it helps.
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