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Default Re: Guild Wars free weekend

badboy, its more like, you start out as a vanilla class, and then you can unlock skills that make you more deversifed. The nice thing about guild wars is that theres no cookie cutter pvp. If you have unlocked your skills, you have the spells needed to go up against any one class. The only thing that keeps you from being a god is the 8 spell limit.

This allows you to play alot of ways and styles. The secondary class practicly doubles your possable combinations. On the other hand in a game like WoW you can use all of your spells at the same time, so to keep you from becoming a god, you instead totaly lack spells and skills that prevent you from going toe to toe with certain classes and attacks. Also the only way to really change your play style is with respecing talent trees, something that consumes alot of money. In guild wars, you can respec your abilitie trees an unlimited number of times.
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