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Originally posted by sancheuz
Exactly. You guys are right. The radeon is extremely fast. The nv30 will be extremely fast. But it seems to me that it will be a wiser choice to wait for the nv30, unless, you have lots of money and then you just get yourself a r300 and then the nv30. But i really think that the nv30 will be faster, But you know who cares if its 5 percent or 10 percent faster. GAmes wont use that speed for a long time. I really dont think someone with a geforce4 ti should be in a hurry to get a radeon 9700 though, unless you unnesesarily want to play a ut2k3 at 1600 and at 4x aa ect ect and all at 100 fps +.
Frankly San- if you want (i say want, because no one really needs this, do they? ) a next generation card like the R9700, it's pointless to wait 4 months or so to compare it with the NV30. If the NV30 was just around the corner- sure- wait it out- but we're talking X-mas at the SOONEST, with many people thinking it won't be available until 2003.

And what are you waitinf for? Even according to the Nvidia PR dept, the R9700 already is delivering everything the NV30 has promised. Remember the NV30 was meant to compete w/ the R9700, they were in development at the same time. One compnay went w/ the .15 micron process, and the other wanted the advantages of .13 micron. But w/ the .13 micron choice came delay after delay. This card was originally planned for a fall release. Don't expect too much from the NV30, it is just too late in the game for Nvidia to make it much better than they originally anticipated. If you really want a next generation card, and don't want the R9700, and don't mind waiting, a much safer bet would be the NV35. Nvidia is going to lay it all on the table with that one. Have no doubts, the NV35 will mean business...

But they are just rushing the NV30 too quickly at this point.

None of this applies if you're not in the market for a top of the line card, just felt like putting in my .0000002

As far as what to expect from the NV30:
In Quake III Arena in 1280x1024 with 4x FSAA enabled, NV30 is going to be 2.5 times faster than the GeForce4 Ti4600.
In The Next Doom the board based on NV30 will be able to show 3.5 times or or even more of the performance the current Nvidia`s flagman has to offer us there.
NV30 will score three times more than the GeForce4 Ti4600 in 3D Mark 2001.
Effective HQ Pixel Fillrate (2x anisotropic filtering enabled) of the newcomer with will be about 2.7 times more than that of the fastest NV25.
As for pixel-shading speed, it will be 4 times of the NV25.
Nvidia claims that its upcoming GPU is capable of processing 200 millions triangles per second.

Of course, all this does is bring it up to the level of the R9700. Even giving Nvidia the benifet of the doubt, lets say the NV30 will be 10% faster. Is that worth waiting 4 months for? And you'll be waiting for rushed hardeware, and rushed drivers? As opposed to the mature drivers on the R9700, which from the reviews are quite impressive already?

Of course, like I said, it doesn't really matter if you're not in the market for a high end card. It's just that so rairly does high end hardeware justify the price, and the R9700 actually seems close to doing that
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