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Default Re: Please post your 7950 overclocks here...

Originally Posted by Morikal
Hmm I can't get my card above 550/700 or so before I start getting crazy artifacts in both counterstrike and oblivion (haven't put any other games on my new system yet)... crazy as in whole screen going yellow/blue wavy boxy things, or just some crazy flickering of textures over a smaller area

the card is staying very cool, its idleing at about 47-49 (18 C... idles at 56-58 at 25 farenheit), under load got it up to 76 (with the 550/700)... artifacts started coming while it was still below 70 for speeds above this (tried 550/750, 600/750, 600/800, 625/800)...

Anybody have any ideas? I have never needed to use a voltage mod before, but I'm guessing its not getting enough juice to sustain the higher speeds... I tried checking the voltage its getting with RivaTuner, but VID gives back 0 in the monitor (and the monitor always stays at 499 MHz core, 747 MHz memory clock, no matter what I change it to. Only once did the core clock change to 553 MHz in the monitor, but couldn't reproduce)...

I haven't tried upping my MBs NB voltage... will try that now and see if it helps.

Might try redoing the TIM with something better than the stock stuff. Could just be the limit of the core though. MIght not be anything u can do.
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