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Default Re: Freeze on redraw

Thanks for taking the time.. I tried a few things..

Build a kernel without device agp.
Build nvidia driver WITHOUT_FREEBSD_AGP
kldstat shows nvidia.ko and no agp.ko
Nothing agp related in device.hints

startx with NvAGP=1; freezes
syslog message:
kernel: NVRM: Xid (0001:05): 6, PE0000 0444 00086400 0000684c 00000000 00086400

startx with NvAGP=0; couldn't reproduce


Build a kernel with device agp
Build nvidia driver WITH_FREEBSD_AGP
agp shows up in dmesg, nvidia.ko in dmesg and kldstat

startx with NvAGP=2; freezes
nothing in syslog

startx with NvAGP=0; couldn't reproduce
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