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Default Re: DirectX 10 Titles

Originally Posted by lukrad
Actually none of the games listed are DX10.0. They are all DX9.0c where SM3.0 are barely explored. It's big misunderstanding here. The game might require DirectSound component of DX10.0 for example, but it doesn't mean it's DX10.0 game. The bottom line is that there will be no visual difference running any of these games using DX9.0c vs DX10.0 card...but only in performance...
Thats not true at all. With the geometry shader this allows developers to add more objects in the screen, with different physical properties. Most of these developers have said in interviews that with a DX10 card you will be allowed higher quality assets/more random assets, because of the minimal performance hit.

And I quote:

AoC: Because of the different architecture of the DX10 system, I think the biggest difference will be in the richness of the content. There will be more objects, more characters, more particles, longer view distance, more grass and foliage.
Hellgate London: DirectX 10 has changed all of the rules. Developers have to rethink almost every part of their graphics engine when they're dealing with a DirectX 10 card. What can we do with it? Well, we have a couple specific ideas about how we can draw more and draw faster, but we also have a few ideas about how to use the geometry shader to do effects that are impossible on a DirectX 9 card.
Crysis: Since Shader Model 2, almost everything was possible, but not advised because of the performance problems. In controlled situations such problems can be managed (e.g. tech demos) but not in a big, living game world. DX10 hardware gives us more tools to address the problem.
FSX: DirectX10 not only allows you to get even more of the advanced graphics features, at an even better performance, but as part of the Unified Driver Model, the Memory Manager and Scheduler on Windows Vista create a far superior user experience. Games will be able to provide multiple 3D view windows at the same performance of a single DirectX 9 window. By shifting more of the graphics processing tasks to the graphics hardware, the CPU is freed up to focus on other gameplay related tasks like better AI, more in-scene entities and deeper physics, thus enabling entirely new gameplay experiences.
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