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Default Re: Realtime CPU benchmark for BFME2 owners

I don't like seeing percentages when the numbers are so low. Like when ATI releases drivers and the release notes claim a 55% increase in game X at 1600 x 1200 with 6xaa / 16x af... what kills me is when 55% = 4 or 5 FPS thats just LAME!!!!!!

I see your excitment...realizing that the game MIGHT be CPU dependant but come on man if you are using a 939 with DDR 1 system and have to fork out $200 for a decent conroe motherboard, another $525 for the e6700 chip and another $400 for decent 2GB of DDR 2 then I sure as hell better see more of an increase than 5 fps...I almost died laughing when you noted it to be 55.6% increase over 4800, I'm sorry but 14 fps still sucks LOL.

4400+ @2.3Ghz = 8fps
4800+ @2.4Ghz = 9fps (~12.5%+ over 4400@2.3)
E6700 @2.7Ghz = 14fps ! (55.6% + over 4800+)

Wow I'm sold on a conroe time to sell my 3Ghz overclocked X2 3800 and blow $1100 to gain 2 or 3 more FPS... W00000t!
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