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Default Re: Realtime CPU benchmark for BFME2 owners

Originally Posted by fatal1ty
I don't like seeing percentages when the numbers are so low. Like when ATI releases drivers and the release notes claim a 55% increase in game X at 1600 x 1200 with 6xaa / 16x af... what kills me is when 55% = 4 or 5 FPS thats just LAME!!!!!!

I see your excitment...realizing that the game MIGHT be CPU dependant but come on man if you are using a 939 with DDR 1 system and have to fork out $200 for a decent conroe motherboard, another $525 for the e6700 chip and another $400 for decent 2GB of DDR 2 then I sure as hell better see more of an increase than 5 fps...I almost died laughing when you noted it to be 55.6% increase over 4800, I'm sorry but 14 fps still sucks LOL.

4400+ @2.3Ghz = 8fps
4800+ @2.4Ghz = 9fps (~12.5%+ over 4400@2.3)
E6700 @2.7Ghz = 14fps ! (55.6% + over 4800+)

Wow I'm sold on a conroe time to sell my 3Ghz overclocked X2 3800 and blow $1100 to gain 2 or 3 more FPS... W00000t!
I see your point & i'm not here promoting for the Conore , otherwise i'd post this thread in the CPU section .. its all about benchmark results.

2) like what Tygerwoody said : 55% difference is 55% .. sole framerate numbers are not the issue here unless the reader is some kind of a n00b who dont understand simple math.
now if i say - for another game - that a 4800+ gets 25fps & the Conore gets 39fps would that make you or the reader happy ?? because its the same percentage afterall.
what matters though .. at the end of the day the guy with the E6700 had better experiance in BFMEII than the guy with the 4800+ (i.e. higher minimum & avarage framerate).

3) As for upgrading .. well you have to go DDRII sooner or later .. its the future. both AM2 & Intel Core 2 chipsets requires it so at least you're not wasting money by getting those.

4) Those are stock numbers & everyone here knows that the Conore is a hell of an overclocker (& much better than the X2s at that) .. so with a little o/cing you could achieve 15fps+ with no problems.

so let me stress again that from a *technical standpoint* this is a very nice increase in performance for a CPU dependent game.

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