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Default Re: Realtime CPU benchmark for BFME2 owners

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody

You are crazy if you dont think that is a noticable improvement. 55% is still 55% no mater how many ways you cut it. And your logic is thoroughly flawed by saying you "blow $1100" on the system. So if I have a 500 dollar video card and I sell it... then buy a 600 dollar video card is that blowing 600 dollars? I highly doubt you would say that. Bottom line is that the conroe system costs about a grand... you a right. However, if you were to build an Athlon system to try to get remotely close to those scores you will be spending ALOT more money on some FX chip(and then if you bring overclocking into the scenario those Conroe chips overclock WAY WAY better). I'd say it was money well spent.

Nice scores btw.

My point was if you already own the 4800+ system, which was being compared. If you are building a new system, of course Conroe is the way to go. My argument is that I don't find conroe worth the cost of the upgrade right now for gamers. There is little benefit in most games at high resolutions and a from 9 - 14 FPS at that resolution tells me that a new GPU will gain you a helluvalot more than dumping an existing 4800+ system for a conroe system.

If someone has an existing AMD dual core system - sit on it, buy the fastest GPU you can afford (for gamers anyways). Gaming, at this point, is still GPU limited. Benchmarks at 640 to show which CPU is faster are moot unless you game at 640.
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