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Default Re: Realtime CPU benchmark for BFME2 owners

Originally Posted by fatal1ty
I wasn't trying to be a dick, my post above just explains my sentiments a bit more. I just hate seeing people dumping perfectly good AMD systems for conroe when a faster GPU is money better spent still.
A well tuned X2 system can hold it's own with conroe in high res gaming since the GPU is still the bottleneck.
& i didnt say otherwise
i didnt ask people to dump their AMD systems nor said the Conore pwns the X2 in GPU dependent games. actually i hardly see a difference in GPU dpenedent situations.
thats why i stressed in the title CPU benchmark.

i hope people who read this thread understand that its simply a good realtime benchmark to see how your CPU compares to other ones because seriously i had enough testing with synthetic benchamrks & its time for the real thing.

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