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Default Re: WoW South Park Episode

Originally Posted by FearMeAll
that was probably my favorite do these guys keep nailing a point right on the head! I laughed my ass off. Damn Cartmen and the boys getting ridiculously out of shape and pimply and too stuck there to even go to the bathroom. I loved it.
Cartman getting out of shape? Didn't know the new season started, will need to go download for that itself... Sounds similar to what happened in that ep with weight gain 2000

Hadn't seen it yet so can't comment on what's in the ep; but some peeps are bad like the person who came up to me the other night when I was at the Darnasus bank trying to look at something and kept trade window spamming me. And when they opened, my bank and what I was trying to look at closed. I closed it, and returned, and they kept opening it again, and again. Hell, wasn't even facing in their general direction to either see them comming or who it was.

Finally they spoke after several times of this, and their words...

10 silver, I need! G1mee now!
Naturally, I'm not too endeared to them after the comming up behind me, trade window spamming me, and then ordering me to give them money. With the recent news of my father's death, I also wasn't in much of a mood to be ordered around by a trade window spammer; was a bit short, and perhaps showing a lil less patience then I normally would have, told him no, and to go out and earn it himself like the rest of us had to. He kept trying to treat me like his personal slave, ordering me to give him money while trying to justify how needy he is, and finally yelled "meanie, you high lvls always have a lot of money..." like he was owed...
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