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Default Re: DirectX 10 Titles

Originally Posted by jAkUp
Originally Posted by lukrad
Actually none of the games listed are DX10.0. They are all DX9.0c where SM3.0 are barely explored. It's big misunderstanding here. The game might require DirectSound component of DX10.0 for example, but it doesn't mean it's DX10.0 game. The bottom line is that there will be no visual difference running any of these games using DX9.0c vs DX10.0 card...but only in performance...
Thats not true at all. With the geometry shader this allows developers to add more objects in the screen, with different physical properties. Most of these developers have said in interviews that with a DX10 card you will be allowed higher quality assets/more random assets, because of the minimal performance hit.

And I quote: *snip*
Talk is cheap though. There has yet to be one single public demonstration of anything running on DX10. Developers also have an unfortunate habit of over-promissing and under-delivering when it comes to technologies that haven't been released yet.

Previous to the release of WinXP 64-bit, I remember plenty of developers talking about how the 64-bit version of their game would be so much better than the 32-bit version. What came out of all that hoopla? A patch for FarCry, about a year after the game was released, that could be enabled for the 32-bit version via a hack and still ran fine.

I'm not saying there's not chance the games won't be better on DX10, but I wouldn't be so quick to take the game developers on their word - especially when it's highly likely there are other motives involved (such as backing by MS in order to promote the new OS).
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