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Originally posted by revolution_of_1
[..] I still am not sure about /usr/src/linux That has been changed to a symbolic link that points to the last kernel I installed. I want to delete that kernel. Should I delete /usr/src/linux also or make it point back to the stock kernel that came with my system?
make the symlink point to the stock kernel sources. deleting the other kernel sources is save.
Before I installed these other kernels my /usr/src folder was very clean and tidy and just had a /linux folder in it and a sources folder in it. Now the names of the original kernel have been changed. Should I rename them also? [..]
I don't know the structure of Mandrake, but usually the /usr/src tree contains the sources of the kernel + a symlink to the kernel-sources. (could also be that the sources reside just in /usr/src/linux). the symlink to /usr/src/linux is needed by a few packages that compile against the kernel-sources (like alsa for example).
these files (the sources) are not needed for running linux. the only files linux uses from the kernel tree are vmlinuz (the boot image of the kernel) the (tells the kernel for example about modules etc.) and the modules in /lib/modules.
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