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Default Re: Beta Drive 9625 bugs with PAL TV Out

Originally Posted by pe1chl
How did you get your "reports"?
On the PC side or from the TV?

It may be that although some methods tell you the refresh is 60Hz, it actually is 50Hz.
I have now checked screen with PAL HD576i profiles over SVIDEO/COMPOSITE/COMPONENT/DVI. The only one that reports 50Hz is DVI when using nvidia-settings.

Then I tried PAL 576p over SVIDEO/COMPOSITE/COMPONENT/DVI. I can't get a picture over SVIDEO/COMPOSITE, but they all report 50Hz under nvidia-settings.

I have no way to check at the display side of things the real refresh rate, but judging by the amount of motion blur I have on PAL videos that I don't see on NTSC videos I'm assuming the display is running at 60Hz.

Oh and i've corrected my original posting as I kept saying COMPOSITE when I mean COMPONENT.

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