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Default Re: DirectX 10 Titles

Effects like motion blur, depth of field, better/more detailed (soft) shadows, better HDR will be rendered with DX10 cards much faster than with DX9 cards. Itīs possible that these hybrid DX9/10 games will keep such effects only within the DX10 paths (for marketing, or performance reasons) but if you donīt care too much about effects like that, then your computer is perfectly fine for the games in this thread.

Yes of course all the games in this thread should play nicely on your 7900 and possibly at 1280x960 with a little bit AF/AA. This is a rather huge guess from my side, so your best bet is to wait for reviews and benchmarks of these games.

Your monitor is fine as long as you are content with its native resolution and yes a G80 will work with it. I personally would not play at lower resolution than 1280x960 but thats just my opinion.

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