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superkyle, I also picked up factions at cc last week. I really like it, its actually a blast with my current level 20 because right from the start, you are fighting level 20 enemies. So now I have lots of mission infront of me that will/are all challenging. Also assasin is a wonderfull secondary for my monk, I barly did anything with my mez secondary. Only bad thing is when you run out of the noob island, your faced with mostly level 20's doing missions so your level 10ish and the mobs are all level 20. Most people, and probably me with my moob ritualist, are prolly heading over to prophecies to level up.

If theres anything negative about factions, its that the first 8 levels are pretty much handed to you. Rather then left to your own devices, it hands you a whole slew of quest that teach you all the basics and some advance stuff. Thats not bad, but there is such thing as leveling to fast and not learning about your just aquired skills before your handed the next set.

I played in the nightfall preview event, seems to be very impressive, though it also seems to devote one large zone to levels 1-8, and that zone lacked alot of mobs above 4 (6 was pretty much bosses or powerfull roamers not in packs) so the leveling speed droped real low at around level 5.
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