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Yes of course, it is between a PIII 500Mhz with the intel 440BX ...

I don't understand you remark about difference between P4(2?)-2GHZ and my Athlon 2GHZ ???

For me glxgears could show difference of opengl driver/graphic card with remark said in last thread.
And i said that the glxgears is not viable because :
-a PIII 500Mhz make 4000 fps
-a Athlon XP 2 Ghz make 800 fps

But with the ut2003 test, i make the SAME score than a benchmark on a french hardware site with the same machine (Athlon o/c to 2Ghz with NF7-S /512Mo/Linux Mdk9.0 vs Athlon XP 2700+/512Mo/Windows). My conclusion is that glxgears seems to be buggy...

All message from beginnig said that are low score with glxgears, like me but for me ut2003 seems to work ... So i think that driver is not the cause of trouble. And i ask anybody to make the test to see if he can have the same result

PS : Where as my english is bad, you can understand me ? In case of not, speak french with me....
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