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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

This game is not about leveling AT ALL.
Getting to lvl 20 can be considered as THE TUTORIAL.
The real game begins at lvl 20, because you're considered as a player who knows the game mechanics.
That's why max dmg weapons and max armors can be available to everyone.
there's no "super über weapon" or armor in this game, everyone's got the same thing.

Remember that in guild wars time spend playing < the way you play.
Even if you have 1.000+ hours of play, you can be beaten by a (so called) noob, who uses his skills "better" than you.

This game is all about tactics, cooperation, and choosing well the 8 skills on your skill bar before fighting in pve/pvp.
If you can't understand that, and if can't past the "omg lvl 20 only lolz" thing, then sorry but go play another game. Guild wars is not for you.

EDIT: I agree that in factions you gain levels very fast...and to be honest the whole factions game is too short (yeah I was really disappointed by factions).
But I have some high hopes for nightfall :
I played a lot during the pve event, and I managed to get to lvl 19 in...36 hours !
And It was only the "noob island" !
If the rest of nightfall is as long, dense'll be great !
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