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Default Re: 9625 beta / some problems on Geforce 3 & Fedora 6

Originally Posted by netllama
I'm not having any luck reproducing this problem with the GeForce3 Ti 500 that I have here. I'm wondering if this is specific to the display you're using. Does this behavior also occur if you connect it in analog mode, instead of digital(DVI)?
I changed cables and no, the problem does not occur with the analog cable. So it seems that the something in the digital signal changes between 8774 and 9625 in a way that the EIZO display does not like. I'll try to fiddle with the settings of the display when I have a free moment. (It only has limited controls on the device itself, but it came with a Windows program that controls it via a USB connection. The trouble is that I don't have windows on the machine.)
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