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Originally posted by sancheuz
My "logic" is correct. There is NO NEED to upgrade right now if you have a geforce3. Once again, there is no need to upgrade right now if you have a geforce3.
There are plenty of people that held off from buying the GF3/8500 generation to wait for this DX9 generation. Why should they wait longer still when a very capable (um... awesome) product is available now?
It makes sense, that if you have a geforce 3 or above right now, you dont rush and get a radeon 9700, when in three months a superior card will arrive.
First off, it's more like four to five months, not three. Second, doesn't it make sense to buy a very capable card that might be nearly equal to what comes out five months later, rather than wait five months and buy a card that is very likely outclassed by a card only two months away??
John Carmack and everybody else that has used the previewed the nv30 under NDA from nvidia(anandtech, nvmax, beyond3d, nvnews, ect. ect.) has said that the nv30 will be faster than the 9700.
The NV30 doesn't exist in a physical form yet. John Carmack has never touched an NV30, because there is no NV30 to touch.
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