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Originally posted by Richthofen
point is ATI still is not on a 6 month cycle.
Do not expect a R350 for the first quarter 2003.
It won't happen.
2nd quater will be the timeframe when the R350 arrives and keep in mind that the NV30 delay has nothing to do with NV35.
I think that once the NV30 is released, Nvidia is on a 4 month cycle until the NV35 like with the GF3TI and GF4TI series.
NVIDIA historically takes roughly a year between new core architectures (NV10 to NV15, NV15 to NV20, NV20 to NV25, NV25 to NV30). What makes you think they'll be able to make the next core in only four months??

I think you're forgetting about all the true "six-month" refreshes: GF 256 DDR, GF2 Ultra, GF3 Ti, NV28. You might see a faster clocked NV30 next spring, but don't look for the NV35 before late next fall.
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