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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

What you said is true, but GW's creators always said that the main focus of their game wasn't the time spend playing it.
That's why there's no super weapon/armor in this game, that's why everyone has the same chances to win/loose, everything in this game is about balance.

Of course they can change the lvl cap to, for example, lvl 40...but the result will be the same, because the health/power or current ennemies will only be doubled, and the power of the weapons/armors too.
Of course they can change the number of skills on the skill bar, allow two elites, raise the number of stat points etc...but if they do that they need to modify a lot of things in the game to make it balanced again.
This game is not only about pvp, true (and to be honest I don't play pvp except AvA), but it's not the pve aspect of GW that "guides" the game development.
Balance, accessibility to the casual player, ability for him to beat even the more experienced player, that's what this game is.

But I agree that a version of guild wars, without pvp, with a more "diablo'd" aspect will be great.

ps: and hey, I have five lvl20 characters and I still enjoy playing pve a lot...and I play gw since it came out. But I hope that nightfall will give us, pve players, more to do...and by judging of the pve event it seems good ^^
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