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Originally posted by geovah
Yes of course, it is between a PIII 500Mhz with the intel 440BX ...

I don't understand you remark about difference between P4(2?)-2GHZ and my Athlon 2GHZ ???

For me glxgears could show difference of opengl driver/graphic card with remark said in last thread.
And i said that the glxgears is not viable because :
-a PIII 500Mhz make 4000 fps
-a Athlon XP 2 Ghz make 800 fps

But with the ut2003 test, i make the SAME score than a benchmark on a french hardware site with the same machine (Athlon o/c to 2Ghz with NF7-S /512Mo/Linux Mdk9.0 vs Athlon XP 2700+/512Mo/Windows). My conclusion is that glxgears seems to be buggy...

All message from beginnig said that are low score with glxgears, like me but for me ut2003 seems to work ... So i think that driver is not the cause of trouble. And i ask anybody to make the test to see if he can have the same result

PS : Where as my english is bad, you can understand me ? In case of not, speak fre
nch with me....
glxgear is not buggy. Not only glxgears is slow with Gf2 mx but the rest of other gl programs are too. fps lagging in quake3 and ut2003. even at low res.
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