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Default CINEBENCH Benchmark Results [Leaderboard]

Post your benchmark results for CINEBENCH here. I'll update the next post with a table of who has the highest scores .

The below text was taken from the CINEBENCH website:
CINEBENCH is the free benchmarking tool for Windows and Mac OS based on the powerful 3D software CINEMA 4D. Consequently, the results of tests conducted using CINEBENCH 9.5 carry significant weight when analyzing a computerís performance in everyday use. Especially a systemís CPU and the OpenGL capabilities of its graphics card are put through their paces (even multiprocessor systems with up to 16 dedicated CPUs or processor cores). During the testing procedure, all relevant data is ascertained with which the performance of different computers can subsequently be compared, regardless of operating system.

CINEBENCH includes render tasks that test the performance of up to 16 multiprocessors on the same computer as well as software-only shading tests and OpenGL shading tests on huge numbers of animated polygons that will push any computer to its limits.
How do I run CINEBENCH?
  1. Download CINEBENCH from the link below.
  2. Extract the downloaded file to somewhere such as your desktop.
  3. Go to the folder where you extracted CINEBENCH.
  4. Double-click the CINEBENCH executable (note if you're running a 64-bit OS it is recommended that you run the 64-bit executable to acheive best performance).
  5. When CINEBENCH has loaded, click the button under CPU Benchmark that describes how many CPUs/Cores you have (e.g. if you have 1 CPU/Core, then click "Rendering (1 CPU)", if you have more than one CPU/Core, then click "Rendering (x CPU)").
  6. Allow the benchmark to finish and post your result in here with a screenshot!

Where do I download CINEBENCH?
You can download CINEBENCH here.

Where are peoples benchmark results and how do I submit mine?
Benchmark results will be added to the post below this one, you can add yours simply by posting the result with a screenshot. If I don't add your result, then PM me, and I'll update it (and possibly tell you where you went wrong ).

In order to make this test fair you MUST submit a screenshot, this is to make sure you don't say "oh I got 9999999999 on one CPU, how cool am I?"
I know results can be Photoshopped, but this is to make it that little bit harder to cheat.

Please also say what model/make CPU you have and information such as original clock speeds, and overclocked speeds (e.g. for mine I would say "AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 2.2GHz (2.47GHz overclocked)").

It is also HIGHLY recommended that you don't have any processes running in the background, such as video encoding, media players, etc. As this can hinder your score considerably.

Enjoy guys, and keep it fair!
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