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Default No Sound in Gnome (Please Help)

OK - I rebooted my PC and when it came back to life, I noticed my Gnome sound icon near the clock was muted or "x" out. I thought that was odd. I raised the bar which removed the "x" from the speaker icon near the clock. I then right clicked an MP3 and told XMMS to play it and I got the following error.

I checked my sound preferences to make sure nothing stupid was selected...I see the following window.

Everything looks to be OK however I checked the sound settings as well and see what looks to be normal.


So according to what I can see, everything seems to be configured correctly and I reboot and still have no sound from Firefox Flash pages like Youtube or Google Video, I also can't play an MP3's on XMMS from the error above but when I right click an MP3 and open with "Movie Player" which is Totem, it plays fine so I know the sound card and cable is all functional. Why is this no longer working? I also have no sound in games like Doom3 and UT2004.

cwilliams@cwilliams:~$ su
cwilliams:/home/cwilliams# killall -9 esd
esd: no process killed
Please help me as I don't want to reinstall Debian/Gnome for something so stupid but I have asked so many people and can't resolve this.
It said install Windows 98 or better so I installed Linux...
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