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I have the same problem. It seems that everyone that uses the new drivers with a TNT card also shares this problem. I've read one post where someone resolved the issue and that was by resorting to the older drivers. I can ping my hostname fine, have 512MB DDR RAM and an Athlon CPU at 1.53GHz. Just like the others, once X is started everything is fine and openGL things are fine, but getting into X is a wait of about 15-20secs. The HD is not accessed at all during this waiting time. It used to work fine for me on RH 7 with older drivers, but with 2960 and RH7.3 it's slow. I am learning to type "startx" and go take a bathroom break.

One of you genius' have to have a solution. I have tried changing the "NVagp" setting to every setting w/ no change.
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