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Originally posted by imtim83
StealthHawk i see tha sorta. I can barely notice a difference. But is that the only difference? Nothing else looks better like the ground, walls, etc. Plus it does not look much difference the pad. Heck it seems like to be AF disabled first pic and 8x AF last pic looks the same. Does AF only improve the sharpness of textures that are hardly noticeable inless you are trying to look for it?
It seems like turning on AF and FSAA makes such a small difference when i thought it would of made a huge difference in everything but i guess thats not the cause. I know FSAA fixes jaggies but i never see jaggies except maybe at 640x480 resolution which i never play at.
yeah, the ground around the pad(towards the user) gets clearer with 2x and 4x. what G6-200 says is correct. the best way to see a difference is to switch between 2 shots, the human eye is very good at sensing movement, so any differences in image quality should be apparent.
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