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Default Thanks Guys!

To --D--,
I appreciate your input, and after re-reading my rambling above, I wasn't very clear, but upon re-entering the games, it was usually the next day (after I had given up in disgust) and once the problem became apparent, I would try to re-load after a fresh reboot with nothing running but explorer and systray, so it isn't an out of memory problem.

To rocketmanx,
I'm running DX8.1. I did a search and found \windows\system\opengl32.dll, 737kb, 04/23/99 10:22PM. Does that sound like the 3dfx version or the windows version? I looked on the win98 CD and I can't find MS's version, but I can't find a cabviewer either, so it could be there.

To all, let me point out that as long as I don't enable 4X in the registry, everything runs fine. The disappointing speed increase when I do enable it means that I'm probably beating a dead horse. I had bought into the industry hype that AGP4X really meant something, but the research I've mentioned in previous postings indicates that the tiny 4X speed increase appears to be common, as these cards use local memory and don't really need the system memory, which makes sense because even at 4X, system memory is useless when compared to the speed of the card's native memory.

And the big push is on for AGP 8X - I have to laugh.

BTW, does anyone know if these cards will accept Video Memory Cache Mode = USWC in bios? I haven't tried it, and if it's anything like AGP4X or Fast Write, I'm not interested in borking everything to find out it dosen't do diddly.

Thanks to all!
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