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Default Any details on Nvidia's failed NV2 for SEGA?

aside from the info here:

I thought this would be a good place to ask, in addition to the main Nvidia board, since this is rumor territory.

All I know is, SEGA funded Nvidia in Nvidia's early days. After or before the NV1 for Diamond Edge, was released, NV2 was in develpment. I dont know if this was exclusively for a console, or just Nvidia's next chip, but Sega helped to fund its development (and probably helped to keep Nvidia alive) because Sega needed a 3D chip that was at least decent. either for an upgrade to the Saturn or as the gfx chip for a new console.

The NV2 was based on quads (like NV1 and the totally unrelated non-NV technology in the Saturn) but this was bad I suppose. Sega's top division AM2
didnt like quads, they wanted triangles.

Thus Sega turned to Lockheed, then 3Dfx and Videologic, selecting VL in the end to power Dreamcast's graphics.

I wanted to know if there was any more details, aside from what is in that article, on the botched NV2 chip that Nvidia never mentions. And also any info on how much funding Nvidia recieved from Sega.

Riva128 was a fresh start for Nvidia, their third chip.

Too bad the NV30 probably wont be out this year. I guess Nvidia will push the NV28 as the fall part, Though I would really like to see NV30 this year.

thanks in advance for any info.
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