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on other machines with mdk9.1 it works just fine:
P4 (no idea about mobo) with GeForce 4 Ti420
Athlon XP 1800 with KT333 with GeForce2 MX 400
Athlon XP 2200 with KT400 with GeForce2 MX 400 DOES NOT WORK
all three uses 4x AGP and disabling does not work, using previous drivers does not work, even recompiling the src.rpm... exact same problem.

I guess I'll have to Quake3 on the NV driver... with maybe 5fps if I choose minima...

I really need those NVIDIA drivers, what could be the problem... will it help if I somehow enable 8x in the kernel? even though I can't use that anyway??? my card only has 4x...
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