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Default Kernel Patch: Firewire Support for nVidia nForce2


I had submitted a patch (over a month ago) to the ohci1394 module in the linux kernel, so that it will support the nVidia nForce2 boards too. I see that it has been accepted and included from 2.4.21_pre7 kernel (pre)version onwards. Install it and enjoy.

In case you are using the 2.5.* development kernels, I am attaching the relevant patch file "nvnforce2.diff.txt" which was generated against the latest 2.5.67, but should work with any reasonably uptodate version. Just save it in your /usr/src/linux-2.5.67 (or whatever) directory, and do (in that dir):

patch -p1 < nvnforce2.diff.txt

now compile + install the kernel and modules as usual. Hope this helps.

On a related note: Has anyone been able to get the cpu-health sensors detected on the nForce2 SMBus using the i2c-nforce2 module availbale from lm_sensors CVS ? Any info is appreciated!

By the way, I am using a Shuttle SN41G2 system(if that helps). The kernel gives an oops when I modprobe it87 , which seems to be the sensor chip(it8712F/it8705F not sure) in this board. When I force the it87 module to not use i2c-isa; but use i2c-nforce2 alone (with bus1 and address 0x2d forced), it does not seem to give an oops, but then there are no detected sensors either. Otherwise all the i2c modules (i2c-nforce2, i2c-proc, i2c-dev, i2c-isa, i2c-core) load properly.

~Nandu Santhi
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