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Default Re: Render errors with FSAA on MultiGPU in UT2004

Originally Posted by LubosD
Somtimes there is a sound hitch too. I am using custom OpenAL and libSDL, the original ones cause SIGSEGV.

OT: I can see you're a GF7950 GX2 user too. Have you ever experienced a hard lockup while using this card?
Nope, no hard locks, only when I enabled SLI instead of MultiGPU mode.. (Keep forgetting that there's 2 GPU's on one card, and not two cards)..

After seeing this thread, I went and had a play with UT2K4, (I'm building a new system), and noticed that I symlinked the wrong openal file, in the UT2K4 System directory. Since correcting it all the sound hitches and video distortions disappeared.. (I symlinked, instead of the file.. I'm surprised that the sound hitches didn't show up with the 8774 drivers , as I did this a while back..) Anyway that fixed up UT2K4 problems for me.. Doom3 & Quake 4 are working well.. Still need to have the MultiGPU performance problem corrected and all will be fine..
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