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i read you entire post. i was specifically commenting on that one line i quoted, but with reference to this, where it seemed you were implying they were trying to enhance NV30 to get it out the door and beat the R9700
Don't expect too much from the NV30, it is just too late in the game for Nvidia to make it much better than they originally anticipated. If you really want a next generation card, and don't want the R9700, and don't mind waiting, a much safer bet would be the NV35. Nvidia is going to lay it all on the table with that one. Have no doubts, the NV35 will mean business...

But they are just rushing the NV30 too quickly at this point.
so, it was a simple misunderstanding, no need to get hostile.

the bottom line is we don't know how refined NV30 was at tapeout, and how many respins it will actually need to be bug free, etc.

i still fail to see how they are "rushing" it though. every single nvidia chip has taken about 100 days to go from tapeout to mass production, that includes die shrinks and new architectures, although as the article argues, nvidia hasn't gone with a radical new architecture change and a die shrink at the same time.
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