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I messed with some things. I have the aircraft details turned up as high as they go. (As far as I can tell, there might be more options for upping textures in other places for the aircraft) I have the water detail on the highest and it LOOKS AWESOME! One thing I have in minimal is the land detail because anything higher makes my system crawl. I can't wait for my upgrades and mroe specifically G80! Some screenshots are below.

WOW! Look at the reflection on the water..frickin amazing. I can't wait to see what G80 and DX10 will do to this game.

The pictures don't look that great, they look better when they aren't online. Now that I look at it the aircraft looks horrible, but it looks amazing in the game.

The game surpasses the demo I think. Just being able to go everywhere is awesome. I am bummed about not being able to run land graphics on anything decent. I wish I could, it would make it so much better. One thing I wish they would of added was an emergency landing option in the ATC window. I really thought they would of but they didn't...unless there is some way to do ti and I have missed it thus far.

If you guys want screens of something specific or have any questions, just ask me and I'll try to get them asap.

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