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i was about to start a *really*really* nasty topic before I realized that here are already enough people who are sharing my problems

I have got everything running ... at least the 3com networking card on my gentoo system and the ata/ide thingies, with 2.4.21-pre5-ac3 kernel .. so it actually runs decently ... as all people here pointed out, no agpgart support which means i'm pretty much f**ked with my ATI Radeon 9700.

I as faithful customer can only say that it CANNOT be, that a company is withholding specifications AND at the same time not offer decent drivers, even if they are at least closed source, forcing users with the native agpgart in the nvidia card drivers to use nvidia graphic boards if they want to have decent 3d acceleration.

As to the opensource development: Apparently someone on the linux kernel mailing list tries to figure out how to patch for agpgart support, I hope he's going to come up with something decent.
DVD's? Yeah .. you can play dvds using mplayer ...
mplayer -vo x11 should do the trick, but you must use software scaling in order to get a nice full-screen picture.

Maybe someone should kick one of these arses of the bosses up there at nvidia ...
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