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Default Integrated Geforce 4MX problems

Please help, the intergrated Geforce 4MX in my media pc has stopped running 3D games.

Spec: Athlon xp1800+, NVIDIA nForce2 K7N2GM2 micro ATX motherboard, 512Mb pc2100, XP home

I dont usually play games on it but recently set up a network game of Startrek Elite force with some friends laptops, my main pc & this one. However on this pc the game goes to a black screen immediatly.

I've also used it before to run the mmo game Entropia Universe, but now even thou the game is rendered it flickers so badly it's unplayable.

I also tried running the demo of sensible soccer which failed to display.

I know elite force uses open gl, Entropia is direct3d, not sure of sensible soccer but it is cell shaded.

I've uninstalled the nvidia display drivers & removed the adapter from device manager, restarted in safe mode and ran Driver Cleaner Pro to remove any trace of nv drivers. Then restarted and installed the lastest forceware drivers but the problem persists.

I know the integrated mx is rubbish & i should just upgrade but that's not an option right now. Would loading older drivers fix it maybe? I dont fancy trying every previous version if it might be something else.

Thanks in advance for help
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