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Default Performance killed 6800XT

A couple of days ago I had to compile a Mozilla plug-in to watch imbedded videos on the web. When I went to compile it, there were some missing packages. One of the packages required the upgrading of over 30 already installed libraries. I went ahead and did it and everything seemed to bo ok until yesterday I noticed that my GL screen saver was running very slowly. While I know that glxgears isn't a benchmark program, you can often see large performance issues. When I first installed the card I was getting rates over 1000. Since upgrading the packages, the rate is now about 45.

I thought maybe one of the packages that updated might have been MesaGL, so I reinstalled the NVIDIA driver. This didn't change anything. I then followed the instructions in the readme to make sure that all of the files and links were intact and they were. I also did the 'ldd' command on glxgears and it appeared to be using the NVIDIA files. The xorg.conf file is the same as it was when I first installed the card. (I had made a backup and tried replacing the current one with the backup just to make sure.) I checked the xorg.log files and there are no errors. Everything shows that the drivers loaded successfully. Nothing I do seems to make a difference. Games are unplayable.

What other packages besides Mesa might interfere and cause this sort of performace issue?

Thanks in advance.
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