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Default latency problems with binary nvidia drivers

Hello everyone.

I have run into the following problem: when using the binary only nvidia drivers, some part of the nvidia driver seems to hold its interrupt for too long when switching between Xorg and the VT (console) because I get buffer underruns with my DVB-C card. This is even worse with the new beta drivers.

I just tried the Xorg supplied nv driver and no matter what I do, everything works perfectly in that respect. I can put as much load on the machine as I want and do as much switching as possible, no buffer underruns at all.

Now I wanted to bring this up to the nvidia devs but I guess having it posted here first is the preferred way. :-)

System: Athlon64 3500+ (S. 939), Leadtek PX6600 GT Extreme (PCIe), nforce4 ultra based board, Xorg 7.1 (Gentoo ~amd64 64bit system).

I have suspected the nvidia drivers of this behavior earlier (a year ago or so) because of a "lost interrupts" problem I was having. Back then I didn't have the time to investigate this any further- besides, I found acceptable workarounds. Today, the workarounds are no longer needed because that problem seems to be fixed. (either with the drivers or with the kernel)

Thanks in advance for any hints or help!
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