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i have mandrake 8.2, let me tell you. it is a real pain to get it to

okay here is what you're going to have to do (i'm recalling this from memory so hopefully this is everything)

first open your xf86 config file and make sure the driver says nvidia instead of nv

next, find
it's on the website somewhere..
it's a script that will do a diagnostic of your setup.

you are going to be missing modules /dev/nvidia1 - /dev/nvidia3

you're going to have to create them, details are in

once you've done that, you should reboot, and reinstall the GLX driver, then recompile mesa too just to be safe..after that it should work..if you still have problems you can catch me icq 19934257

hope that helps, later.

(ps run as root or it might not properly diagnose your system)
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